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Vendor Terms & Conditions

We appreciate your cooperation and consideration of the terms and conditions we have put in place to run successful events.  We are here to create a network of awesome, thriving vendors and good standing relationships with venues and event coordinators! 

Please reach out and let us know if you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions stated below.  Thank you.   


- Northwest Creative Events

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These are curated events. Completing this application does not guarantee you a space at this or future events. There is a $25.00 application fee per 6 month season. (seasons run Jan-Jun and July-Dec each year).  You will need to re-apply each 6 month period to be approved for dates within that season.

Becoming an approved vendor for a season with Northwest Creative Events does not guarantee you will be approved for each and every event available within a season.  Approval in one season does not also mean approval in all future seasons as well. 


If you are accepted you may cancel your booth within 2 weeks of the date of the event in order to receive 100% refund of your booth fee.


If you are accepted and you cancel your booth with less than 2 weeks of the date of the event, you will forfeit 100% of your booth fee. Additionally, late cancellations will be taken into consideration for future event approvals and application acceptance.


We make every effort to promote and advertise each event as thoroughly as possible.  We also request that as an accepted vendor of this and future events you participate in, that you advertise and promote at least 2 times on your social medial platforms leading up to the event date. We can not guarantee or control the number of attendees at each event.  We do not offer booth fee refunds based on customer attendance numbers.  Host (and sometimes Venue) will tag approved vendors in promotional materials and highlight each vendor at least once prior to the event date.


Vendors are responsible for maintaining current applicable licensing and insurance.  Vendors are responsible for reporting sales to Washington State Department of Revenue. Vendors are responsible for colleting and filing their own taxes as applicable to Washington state rules & regulations.


Approved vendors will receive an invoice for their booth fee upon approval notification.  Booth fees are due within 1 week of acceptance to an event.

Northwest Creative Events will post if/when there are last minute openings for vendor spots at events and will invite any approved vendor from the preferred list. First response gets the spot for that event!


Approved vendors will receive their booth assignment prior to the day of the event.


Day of event - vendors will follow load in and load out instructions as provided by the host.  Vendors agree to NOT tear down their booth / display prior to the event end time.  Even if you sell out, for the professionalism of the event, you must stay for the duration of the scheduled event time!


Northwest Creative Events reserves the right to revoke future approvals for events should any vendor not maintain the highest level of professionalism at events.  This includes punctuality at events, on time booth fee payments, kindness to other vendors and customers, consideration of event staff and venue employees and following the general rules of being a good market vendor. 

Photography - images taken by the host at each event are the property of the host and are free to use for marketing materials and social media. When professional photography is included at the event, those images will be shared with each vendor to use as they wish. This service shall be included at no cost to the vendor. 

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